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Seramis Clay Pebbles

The ultimate in clay pebbles.
Sold by the litre so you can buy as much or as little as you need!

Ideal for ebb and flood or dripper systems but has a smaller grain size than other clay pebbles. Cuttings can be put straight into Seramis. Totally inert. pH neutral. 50% air space for maximum healthy root growth. Unlike other clay pebbles Seramis has a porous structure so it absorbs the nutrient solution and retains some to keep roots moist between waterings. A little water left in the saucer will wick up through the Seramis allowing more time between watering. Can carry 400ml of water per litre but cannot be over-watered due to perfect drainage. Quick response when changing to bloom or flush. Retains water for days if irrigation interrupted. Irregular shape for stability in the pot. Perfect under corriboard. Can be used on its own or mixed into other substrates to improve drainage and water-holding. Wets easily and draws water by capillary action up to 20cm height in 24 hours from dry. Lightweight - less than 0.4 kg per litre, 0.8 kg per litre fully wetted.

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 24 June, 2010.

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