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Dutch Master Gold Range APS

Gold Range A.P.S

Available in: 5 Litres

  • So Simple – Makes Rockwool Conditioning A Snap!
  • Ready To Use Straight Out The Bottle – No Dilution Required!
  • Doubles As A Ready To Go Foliar Spray For Your Delicate Cuttings!
  • The Best A Baby Plant Can Get When Used With Gold Range REPLICATOR!
  • We all know how important it is to pass good genetics on from generation to generation. You definitely want to maintain and retain that strain you have so carefully guarded for so long! Gold Range A.P.S perfectly conditions Rockwool cubes and slabs to successfully accept cuttings and as Gold Range A.P.S is ready to use straight out of the bottle (no dilution required), using it is a snap!

    The original formula of A.P.S provided all the essential elements for both root initiation feeding as well as foliar spraying nutrition.

    Hydroponics has never seen a product that is remotely similar to the original Dutch Master A.P.S and now we have made it better – by a country mile!

    Dutch Masters new Gold Range A.P.S takes the guesswork out of “follow through” genetics by providing your valuable cuttings with a two-pronged approach to perfect juvenile plant nutrition.

    With its ability to gently pre-condition your Rockwool cubes or slabs to the perfect pH level, provide growing root systems with the necessary balanced elements and “breast feed” the leaves of your precious cuttings via foliar spraying with Gold Range SATURATOR, you’ll not find a better solution to plant propagation – guaranteed!

    Our research and development team at Dutch Master have discovered true genetic reproductive nutrition in the form of a balanced suite of phyto-nutrients and high-end mineral elements. The end result is a perfectly designed baby food for plants so they can grow to become the crop you’ve always wanted. So what are you waiting for! It couldn’t be any easier!

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    This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 28 June, 2011.

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