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Dutch Master Gold Range REPLICATOR


Available in: 60 Millilitres

  • Still Having Trouble Taking Cuttings – Not Anymore!
  • New Gold Range REPLICATOR Makes Taking Cuttings A Snap!
  • Take The Simple, Natural Path To Cutting Success With Gold Range REPLICATOR!
  • All New Natural Formulation Means Less Headaches For You And Your Babies!
  • A great crop depends on great genetics. You need to pass on that same genetic code to your next crop time and time again – with minimal headaches to you and your babies! A good crop doesn’t only depend on good genetics; it also depends on how you start the grow cycle again. The main culprits of poor cuttings are harsh gels and air embolisms!

    Gold Range REPLICATOR is a new, naturally formed, gentle cutting gel that gives you great success time and time again when taking cuttings. Gold Range REPLICATOR is a new and specialized cut stem sealant, designed and reformulated by our in-house Plant Sciences team, that nurtures your newly taken cutting in a revolutionary and nutritious cocoon. This cocoon ensures trouble free and successful rooting by providing a specialized environment - bathing the cut end of the stem in a nutritious bath of selected British & US Pharmaceutical grade mineral elements and phyto-nutrients. Your cuttings are encouraged to produce roots naturally, not artificially with harsh hormones.

    The best cuttings and hence the best crops come when the plant is allowed to root naturally, not accelerated or stressed with a harsh hormone cocktail. Gold Range REPLICATOR’S unique cut stem sealant provides a secondary action that removes the #1 cause of cutting failure – air bubble embolisms! Gold Range REPLICATOR’S unique protective action helps remove the air bubbles from the stem before they can block the critical uptake of water giving you the best chance of cutting success!

    Enjoy pain free natural rooting with Gold Range REPLICATOR and ensure your next crop is the best one yet! Best when used in conjunction with Gold Range A.P.S for that extra guarantee of success!

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    This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 28 June, 2011.

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