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Cutting & Seeling Treatments

Treatments for cuttings and sealing of your hydroponics and home gardening projects

Product Image Price- Manufacturer Item Name
Greenfuse Root (300ml) £10.20


Growth Technology

Greenfuse Root (300ml)

Growth Technology Greenfuse Root Stimulator for root function and growth, also as a feed for helping cuttings along. Pure organic growth stimulator...
JumpStart (1l) £9.35


JumpStart (1l)

Advanced Nutrients JumpStart Cutting Accelerator is a foliar spray that promotes healthy cuttings during the crucial early hours and days when...
No Shock (1l) £4.93


No Shock (1l)

Advanced Nutrients No Shock Transplant solution to eliminate shock and growth pauses from transplant, promote root growth and increase nutrient...

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