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Hydroponic propagation accessories, essential equipment for your hydroponics and home gardening projects.

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Gloves £0.08



Should be worn whenever handling gels, pH adjusters, hydrogen peroxide, enzymes, pesticides or hazardous agricultural chemicals.
Scalpel £0.67



Essential for a clean cut with least bruising to the delicate plant tissue when taking and trimming a cutting.
Seramis Clay Pebbles £0.76


Seramis Clay Pebbles

The ultimate in clay pebbles. Sold by the litre so you can buy as much or as little as you need! Ideal for ebb and flood or dripper systems but has a...
The Courier 5 Fleximix £2.97


The Courier 5 Fleximix

For sending cuttings by post. Cuttings can be taken and immediately sent in the post (tropical plants should not be sent in cold weather) while still...

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