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Hydroponics pump timers will allow more precise timing of irrigation cycles than can be achieved using standard timers. Essential in many hydroponics systems.
Hydroponics heaters allow greater control over your growth environment.

Product Image Price+ Manufacturer Item Name
Check Vavle £3.40


Check Vavle

To prevent water coming back in to the pump
Bio Magix (10g) £11.06


Bio Magix (10g)

General Hydroponics Bio Magix. Microbe culture refills for Bio Filtre.
Pico Pump 400 £12.76


Pico Pump 400

Pico 400 400 litres per hour - 0.7 metre lift
Micro Jet 320 Pump £13.61


Micro Jet 320 Pump

Supercharge your garden with an Oxy Pump! It not only pumps your nutrient solution to your plants but it also oyxgenates it - promoting healthier...
Newair Air Pump NW1 £13.61


Newair Air Pump NW1

Pico Pump 500 £13.61


Pico Pump 500

Pico 500 500 litres per hour - 1.10 metre lift
Seltz Pump L20 £15.31


Seltz Pump L20

Seltz L20 700 litres per hour - 1.35 metre lift
New Air Pump NW22 (2 Outlets) £25.52


New Air Pump NW22 (2 Outlets)

TMU Minutes £34.03


TMU Minutes

TMU Minutes Will turn 15 minute segments on your timer into minutes. Only for use with water pumps up to 150 watts for use with ebb and flood
TMU Seconds £34.03


TMU Seconds

TMU Seconds Will turn 15 minute segments into seconds. Only for use with water pumps up to 150 watts for frequent flooders..

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